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7:45 a.m. - 2010-04-20
My new favorite Celebrity News site
My favorite past time in the world is celebrity news. I adore reading all the celebrity gossip, juicy rumors, and celebrity style trends. I enjoy looking my best and being the trendiest person in the room. All my style decisions for clothing, shoes, and accessories come directly from the Hollywood stars. Before I head out the door to go shopping I look
check to see where stars are shopping, eating, or hangin out for fun. Breaking celebrity news occurs all day long and being the first to know before all my friends makes me so excited. Keeping up with the latest celebrity news can be simple. I discovered a new celebrity news website that updates all day as the news happens. I check Celebeater all day long to make sure there aren't any juicy stories I miss. I can constantly read current tv, movie and music news at Celebeater. Just recently I was reading celebrity news on Celebeater when breaking news of the Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy split up appeared at the top of the page. I was so sad to hear that they were spliting up but so happy to be the first to text all my friends to share this juicy celebrity news. When news of the Jesse James and Sandra Bullock cheating scandal emerged I instantly logged on to Celebeater to find all the latest news and photos of Jesse and Sandra. Everytime a story breaks I now know I can find all the details at my new favorite celebrity news site. My new favorite Celebrity News site



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